August 1, 2013
by Jennifer

Experimenting with cookie dough – recipe included

I love cookies.  I love to make and eat cookies.  And most of all I love to experiment with cookie dough.

Sometimes I use coconut oil to replace butter.  Sometimes I use coconut sugar to replace refined sugar.  I add this.  I add that.  It’s fun!  Hubby doesn’t always think so when they are too “healthy”, but most of the time, he enjoys my experiments.  So does Zoe.


She ate all the chocolate chips first

They approve of this one. Continue Reading →


July 30, 2013
by Jennifer
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3 ways I can ease my current Mommy guilt

Mommy guilt is a killer.  I try not to beat myself up – especially now as I’m transitioning in to being a mom of two.  Parenting is hard work.  I know I make mistakes.  But I do the best that I can.  Here are some areas I would like to improve upon:

  1. Toutsideake them outside more often.  I hated going outside when I was a kid.  My mom had to kick my brother and me outside. I’m not really an outdoorsy kind of person.  I always have an excuse.  Too tired.  Too hot.  Too many bugs.  Just don’t want to.  But I feel really bad that Zoe is stuck inside with me.  She loves to go outside – even if it’s to run up and down the driveway.  Because that’s pretty much all it is.  We have a very tiny patch of grass out front; the rest is pavement.  And we don’t have a nearby park.  And Zubair takes the car to work.  See – I’m really good at excuses.  I feel really good when we go to the park on the weekends.  My goal is to take her out more often – later in the day when it’s cooler. Continue Reading →

July 24, 2013
by Jennifer

5 of my favorite dishes with ricotta cheese

I’ve been on a ricotta cheese kick lately.  It’s a great secret ingredient to so many meals.  And not just for dinner.  These past couple of weeks, I’ve used ricotta for these dishes:

  1. Check out these delicious pancakes.  I used blueberries instead of raspberries.  They turned out amazing!  A different kind of texture for pancakes than I’m used to, but I really enjoyed them.  I bought the lemon curd at Trader Joe’s.
  2. The second I saw this recipe in Bon Appetit, I knew I had to make it.  My omelet skills aren’t that great, but the taste was incomparable. Continue Reading →

July 22, 2013
by Jennifer

Best wedding keepsake ever


Everyday, I see this beautiful serving platter, a reminder of our special day and all the loved ones that shared it with us.  I love reading the messages from our guests.

So for all of you getting married soon, I have an idea for you… Instead of getting a book that people sign, get a platter!  It’s much easier and prettier to display in your home. Continue Reading →

iced chai

July 19, 2013
by lauren

Mental Health Day

Today’s special treat is brought to us by my friend, Lauren, from westsidebestside.com.  Check out her beautiful blog.  Not only are her pictures awesome, but she has some very fun ideas for living in LA (you don’t have to live here to enjoy!).  Since I’m a little busy with the kids lately, I haven’t had a chance to explore the city as much as I’ve wanted… so thanks to Lauren, I can live vicariously through her adventures.  Oh, and I didn’t pay her to say all those nice things about me!

When Jenn asked if I would contribute a guest post for New Mom, New City, I thought a lot about what to write.  Here I am, writing about restaurants, travel, home decor, and my specialty LA’s Westside–all fun and important stuff of course, but how could a fizzy cocktail recipe hold a candle to Jenn’s incredible birthing story about how she’s a total BA and did an all-natural at-home water birth!?  I mean, this mama of two sweet babes is a superhero!  She does such an amazing job of being transparent and honest about the real deep stuff of life and is such an inspiration to others.  What could I possibly bring to this table?

Then, I realized, you know what?  Not much can stand up to that.  But, luckily we all need a little levity.  Probably most of all, our dear Jenn could use a relaxing girls’ day.  So, readers and friends, even though we can’t actually take the day off, let’s take little digital Mental Health Day! Continue Reading →


July 16, 2013
by Jennifer
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Greyson arrives via home water birth: Part 2

In case you missed Part 1, catch up on that first by clicking here.

Immediately after the birth

I stayed in the water for a few minutes to catch my breath.  It was just so comfortable.  Then we went to the bed so the midwives could do their thing.

I birthed my placenta.  Then they made sure my bleeding stopped.  I sat up to go into the bathroom but was a little dizzy.  They determined I was losing a little more blood than I should be.  So they gave me a shot to help stop the bleeding and did a few other things. It all happened so quickly – plus I was in my oxytocin daze – it all seems to blur together.

My uterus had big blood clots in it so the midwife had to remove them before it could shrink down and stop bleeding.  After the treatments, I stopped bleeding so heavily, thank goodness. Continue Reading →

greyson 1

July 11, 2013
by Jennifer

Why I chose a home birth and other things you might want to know

Why did you choose a home birth?

I wanted a different experience than what I had with Zoe.  I wanted to be respected by the medical professionals.

Mostly because I didn’t want anyone telling me what to do with my birth.  I disagree with many hospital policies – mainly because they aren’t evidence-based.

Birth is over medicalized with too many unnecessary interventions causing too many problems.  I wanted to take a stand to say no to that.

Plus, when I had Zoe, my birthing plan wasn’t honored.  They tried to talk to me into stuff when I was tired.  I hated being in the hospital during the recovery time – the bed was uncomfortable, and I couldn’t sleep with people coming in my room all the time anyway. Continue Reading →


July 8, 2013
by Jennifer

Greyson arrives via home water birth: Part 1

After my due date came and went, I was less anxious about waiting for Greyson.  Naturally, since Zoe was early, I expected him to be too.  But since that wasn’t the case, I could relax and know that he would arrive when ready.

Then at 3 am on the morning of May 21st, I started having contractions.  They were light and irregular, so I took a shower to relax my muscles in case they weren’t “for real”.  Plus, I figured I should wash my hair.  Who knew when I would get another chance once he was born!

Around 4 am I decided to wake up Zubair and call the midwife.  She asked me a couple questions like – how far apart? and how long?  Since I’m a second time mom and tested positive for GBS, she decided to come over because I needed antibiotics and things can go pretty quickly with second babies. Continue Reading →

hands full

July 2, 2013
by Jennifer

The joys and sorrows of infanthood…

I post a lot of happy statuses and pictures on Facebook.  I mean, who wants to read depressing stuff in their news feed?  Plus, I like celebrating the fun with others.  But on the flip side of that – I like to hear encouragement on the not-so-good days too.

I feel like no one really talks about how hard motherhood is in the early days.  Everyone wants to focus on the cute baby instead of the roller coaster of emotions that a woman feels after popping out a kid.  Sure, babies are a blessing; but along with the joy are depression and resentment.

I believe many more mothers experience the negative emotions than just those who are willing to talk about it.  Because of the guilt.  How can we feel so negative at such a joyous time? Continue Reading →


April 4, 2013
by Jennifer

My life as I know it… on this day, at least

So, yes – it’s been a very long time since I posted anything.  I have a lot of excuses, reasons; mostly, I just didn’t feel like writing and editing.  Someday I’ll be a super blogger.  Oh well.  I have a few things that are just dying to get out.  Here’s the update:

  1. She loves wearing Mom's shoes

    She loves wearing Mom’s shoes

    Zubair’s schedule is starting to get to me.  Don’t get me wrong – we’ve made it work.  And I love saving money on childcare.  But that whole “two ships passing in the night” is our life right now.  We are on completely different schedules.  And to make matters worse, now he doesn’t get home until past midnight – so there’s no way that I can stay up to say goodnight to him anymore.  I miss him.  The weekends have become so sacred to me.  Unfortunately, he just found out he has to work two Saturdays a month now.  I will be happy when this is over.  But I don’t want to wish our lives away.  This might be the new normal for a little while.  The benefits are definitely a plus… Continue Reading →

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